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qualifications. >> steve jobs and tim cook, the new ceo have been working on this plan for years. everyone has known steve jobs would resign and tim cook would take over. i think steve jobs imparted his culture into apple so deeply that it will run just fine. with that said, the markets are still going to react strongly to the news tomorrow. >> he may not be active in day-to-day decision making but i bet whit comes to product approvals and major decisions he'll be extremely active. it's hard to imagine him being on the side lines as long as he's able to breathe, so to speak. >> to pick up on that line of thinking jobs did ask to be named chairman of the board and remain as a director and employee. that was approve bid the board. apple was in a solid decision, the leader in tablets with ipad and maker of the popular
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iphone. this year, steve jobs says we're entering post pc era, reverence to the fact ipad and tabblets are taking over top lart of notebooks and net books. today we enter into the steve jobs era. >> and in pinole today an armored car robbery goes bad and bullets start flying. >> when it's over, a suspect was dead and another wounded. a police officer and security guard hurt as well. >> it happened outside of wells fargo bank in pinole. mark matthews is live. mark? >> it was 9:15 when the truck pulled up to the wells fargo here. and we don't know who fired first. but police say two armed men approached the truck. one suspect wounded. so was the female barred with the truck. police rushed to the shooting
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and within minutes there were dozens of stars. the chief of police described two bun battles, first between a loomis guard and a suspect. >> we believe that suspect was involved in a gun fight prior to pin yol police a -- pinole police arriveal. >> by the time the first pinole police officers arrived, witnesses say one suspect had grabbed a money bag and was running. >> i heard shots go off. there was a guy running down street with a bag of money. saw him collapse. he fell and never moved again. >> man, they just shot him seven times. i'm pretty sure he was dead on the spot. >> he was dead on the street. pinole's police chief says his wounded officer was shot in the shoulder and will be okay. the loomis guard was wounded. >> i do not know her status, i know she's in surgery.
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>> the second suspect shot by the guard disappeared. officers closed off the shopping center, brought in dogs and began a search. and employees at wells fargo huddled a block away. police went through the center on both sides, and then, got word that the second suspect turned up in a local hospital with a gunshot wound. >> he went to doctor years hospital and he was treated and air lifted to another hospital. >> it was a long day of waiting for those caught in traffic and at the shopping center. >> they told me to get out of there. i started walk up the street. my truck is there. >> and i had to work and i had to do a couple things in my job. they don't let me. >> how long before they'll let you get to it? >> who knows. i've got my kids waiting for me. >> and you can see fitzgerald drive still closed. the shopping center still out
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of bounds, police guarding entrances, i'm told two suspects in the robbery matched a dripgs of two men who held up a brinks truck last month, outside of the merchant's bank. that is just blocks from where we are now. a very dangerous maneuver getting underway to stop a burning rail car filled with propane from blowing up. thousands of people have been evacuated in lincoln. workers hope to siphon the propane. what are they doing now? >> well, now, they're prepping for that very delicate operation about to happen here behind me. that rail car is still burning and has been since late tuesday morning. a national response team specializing in fuel fires has flown in and recommended a procedure called hot tap this,
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is drilling a hole in the rail car while on fire, and draining the tanker into a hole authorities dug up with a bulldozer today. i'm told they just finished digging that hole. they're burning propane from there. the idea to head off potential explosions. they've poured lots of constant water into the rail car, keeping it cool. without it, heat could build up and lead to a massive fireball several hundred feet wide. complicating matters are two other rail cars full of propane and propane on the premiseses, possibly up to 500,000 gallons, nearly 5,000 homes and businesses were evacuated. some went to centers. people are nervous. part of the town could blow up from something going wrongdoering the hot tap. >> you never know what could happen. do you know what i mean?
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you never know. something could happen. >> with this type of liquid and amount of liquid we have, propane liquid, we're looking at a mile of potential shrapnel if this thing blows. >> and union pacific says the fire began as crews started to unload shipments yesterday in a distribution lot. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but it appears accidental. one employee was hospitalized and treat forward burns. authorities tomorrow thop get the situation under control within 24-48 hours. and this if this weren't done, the situation could remain volatile for three week autos thank you very much. and water is flowing in pescadero. a new pump began running this morning. waits install afd a pump failed on monday, forcing businesses to close and residents to turn to backyard wells and bottled water, greg with the advisory council says
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the naump failed had been failing for a week. >> the warning system was disconnected or disabled about 0 years ago from what i understand. it was giving false warnings. rather than, they should have fixed it. whoever they are, they should have fixed it but they didn't. >> residents being told they should still boil water for the next 24 hours until officials determine it's safe enough. >> bart board of directors heard from the public today during a special hearing on a decision to cut cell phone service. abc 7 has today's developments. >> you've taken matters into your own hands. >> critics of a decision to cutoff cell phone service during a rowdy protest last month lashed out at the transit agency's board of director autos your counter protest is not working.
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>> july 11th, protestors began disrupting services, police cutoff service. >> it became apparent they were going to use flash mob tactics in a planned strategy. >> one board member says turning off service shouldn't happen again, except in emtreechl -- extreme circumstances. >> it's frustrating to know that i, as a board member will be held accountable for a staff decision. and it is not one that should be made that way, ever again. >> in my opinion, we had to take that action to protect customer autos demonstrators say if the board adopts a new policy, they say protests will continue. >> you want these protests to end, you want to go back to business as usual but there is no going back. not if business as usual includes an out of control
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police department. these protests will end when you disband your police force. >> the chief would not directly address demands. >> as for first amendment rights to come in and speak before the body. >> the board took no action today, will draft a new policy and hold more hearings, they said in two to four weeks. >> and another small quake rattled the bay area today, maybe you felt it. centered in the same area as last night's earthquake. on the hayward fault. today's hits came just before 10:00 a.m. last night it was a 3.6. crews are still assessing damage one day after the east coast's biggest quake in decades. damage includes a four-inch crack in the washington monument. damages is in the millions but engineers say the overall
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structure remains sound. hundreds of people have been displaced from high rise apartments condemned as a result. damage estimates from the quake are expected to be close to $1 billion. >> and coming up from 7 on your side should you get earthquake insurance? >> that is coming up z new lab tests on a drug bringing closure to a murder mystery haunting two families more than 10 years. >> and why el nino is taking the heat for government uprising. >> i'm sandhya patel, temperatures down today, dropping more, tomorrow, i'll be back with a cooler accu-weather forecast in just a few minutes. news continues in one minute. a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. one of the south bay's longest running murder mysteries is solved. district attorney says he
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believes evidence revealed who killed janine harms. why the case is now closed. >> janine harms disappeared on july 27th, twun. the district attorney said he's convinced maurice nasmay killed her. >> he concealed her body in a persian rug and used his jeep to dispose of the body. >> the d.a.points to what he calls scientific analysis of 27 rug fibers found in the jeep cherokee, coming from two rugs belong together murder victim. the testing in illinois took three years to complete. >> i just wish we could have gotten result s six months or a year sooner but science only works as fast as science does. it doesn't work on csi schedule. >> one sad twist in this case
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is that authorities arrested maurice in late 2004 but were forced to release him in 2007 when questions were raised about the original testing of the fibers. with the retesting, maurice nasmay will never face a jury. the victim's brother killed him, and then himself. police are hoping someone comes forward with information that reveals where janine's body can be found. >> the family is suffering and continues to suffer and will suffer without an answer. >> the district attorney vowed his office would work on this case until it was solved. now, evidence finally supports what the family always believed. >> justice didn't happen quickly in this case. despite our best efforts. for that, i'm deeply sorry to the family. >> and the full body scanners
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in san francisco international airport will no longer display naked images of passengers. new software in the scanners will no longer show actual image. instead, it will show a generic image highlighting any anomalies like a weapon. the tsa came under criticism after installing the scanners two years ago. authorities say a man tried and failed to detonate a bomb hidden in his under wear. >> and you may have heard and felt a 3.6 quake striking southeast of oakland this morning just before 10:00. >> that coupled with yesterday's quake may be good reminders about earthquake insurance. >> michael finney is here with who should get the insurance. >> people are on the line going hello? hello is in the majority of homeowners here in the bay area don't have earthquake insurance. the network from california
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tells me thogs who need it most or those who live near a fault, when ch is pretty much all of us skrks those who live in certain structures. >> if you live in a brick structure chances are higher than that than something like a wood structure. >> and then, many are turned off by high prices but they point out in a disaster low cost loans to help cover deductibles are often available through the federal government. >> nearly one in 10 companies say they'll stop providing health coverage in 2014. there will be insurance exchanges. and the survey found some companies think they'll be better off paying fines than offering coverage. they say it's possible the companies will change their minds. >> and gold selling at such a
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high price, well over $1700 an ounce, many may be considering selling their jewelry. before you sell off those family heirlooms there are things you should know. make sure the gold is weighed by the gram and not by the penny weight. that is used as a sneaky way to pay less, check the current market price to make sure you get the right value. shop around, have it appraised to ensure you're getting the best price. we have tips on our web site. just click on 7 on your side. you can see prices. you're like are you using that ring? >> i'm sure people have sold rings. >> it's amazing. >> thanks. >> sure. >> here is interesting study. evidence links el nino years to violent civil strikes in poor tropical countries, researchers say including 48 civil wars happened during an
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el nino. it's unusual warnling of the pacific creating stormy weather patterns around the world. one theory is that it may trigger battles that are for squares resources. the journal nature -- the study is in the journal nature. >> on the subject of weather let's talk about hurricane irene. >> and sandhya is tracking that now. >> it's now a category three, expected to strengthen. so that is not a good situation. i'll show you in just a moment. there is a live picture from our camera in high definition. there is a clear slew view under sunny skies. there are clouds moving through this morning. it didn't amount to much. taking a look at the sky now, you're looking towards sutro tower there. the marine layer deepened and now a thousand feet. and this continues to deepen, we're going to see the drop off in the temperatures.
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already it has been cooler today. and before talking about local forecast i want to show you hurricane irene. it's a category three. packing winds of 120 miles per hour. it's tracking northwest at 12 miles per hour. now battering southeastern portion. you can see the eye of the hurricane that has strengthened. it's a category three. and watch what is going to happen with this hurricane. looking at our animation here, expect it to strengthen by tomorrow morning. this skirts the southeastern united states. and land fall right now is expected in north carolina. 11:00 a.m. saturday. we can see possible second land fall as it continues to move. category two by sunday morning. crossing new england area becoming a tropical storm monday morning at 11:00. and we're talking about the swells beginning to increase along southeastern united states as early as tomorrow.
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we'll keep an eye on hurricane irene. this could prove to be a very dangerous hurricane. expected to be a major hurricane, temperatures enland into low 90s. along the coastline temperatures into 60s. everyone else into 70s and 80s, compared to 24 hours ago, we're down 16 degrees cooler in napa now. and down 14 degrees in santa rosa. seven degrees cooler in san francisco, and mountain view is down 11. and so if you compare to it yesterday. fog at the coast and bay tonight. cooler days through friday. we're looking at just a little bit warmer this weekend. and taking a look at water vapor there are several areas of low pressure here. these are going to combine and bring us cooler patterns for two days. so these lows merge we'll see the wind coming off the ocean
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becoming stronger, blowing in towards inland areas so temperatures will be continuing to come down. by morning, this is where they'll be. not as mild as last night. low 60s inland east bay. clear skies around antioch a long the coast, we're going to see fog and temperatures will be into 50s. tomorrow afternoon, still low 90s inland. will be warm, fairfield 90 degrees. 95 in ukiah. san jose, 80 degrees. and 74 on the pin anyone sla. low to mid-60s along the coast. santa rosea, 79 degrees, looking for mild readings around the bay. mid-60s to low 70s, inland, 80s, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cooler forecast tomorrow. and friday. and then warjs conditions returning inland for the weekend. mid-60s on the coast. drop off monday, tuesday, it's just up down, up down. >> thank you.
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>> and coming up, botox wins approval for a medical condition. >> stacks of counterfeit cash. a look at these so called super notes and one thing that distinguishes them from the real thing. we'll be right back.
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botox has won approval for a medical condition. okaying for treatment of bladder problems. patients with conditions caused by spinal injury can have difficulty with bladder control. botox treats the problem, relaxing the muscles and allowing more space for urine storage. it's aproved for treating wrinkles, migraines and eye lid twitching.
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>> number of people who go hungry in the u.s. reached a crisis level. one in six americans do not have access to enough food. that is according to feeding america. bay area food banks including this food pan tray trisay they see a lot of working families in need. >> there are twice as many people now as a year ago coming to get food for families. >> car payments, your rent. and utilities, assessing necessities for school and everything like that. and just gets hard sometimes. >> there are nearly 15 million children who live in poverty in this country up almost 20% from 2000. >> and coming up on world news at 5:30, treating hunger from perspective of a hospital emergency room. abc news will have more indepth look of the difficulties of the working poor who go hungry. the special series continues all day right here on abc 7. >> and we'll be right back. lili
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coming up at 6:00 we're following developments surrounding steve jobs resignation this afternoon as apple ceo. the impact it could have on company's customer autos and environmental battle over the oyster farm, whether it belongs inside a national park. >> and they were meant to be a tribute to a fallen fire fighter. the problem with the wrist bands. why it took 7 on your side to get them fixed. >> and now, the mother of american cuisine is celebrating the 40th anniversary of her legendary restaurant. >> alice waters revolutionized dining out, sparking the organic food movement. >> she praised her new passion to show it off making school lunches healthier. saying the xt

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